Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum

The map below shows T-Mobile's 700 MHz A, B and C block licenses and leases (pink) and licenses pending FCC approval or sale closing (orange shaded). Officially announced markets where 700 MHz band 12 network has been deployed have a circled 12 placed on them. T-Mobile markets band 12 network as Extended Range LTE-7 (700 MHz). The green circles are TV channel 51 stations protected by the FCC rules. A-block spectrum cannot be used in the green circles until the stations relocate to lower channels. Click on the stations in the green circles for more information. 

Questions about the licenses, devices, TV stations, and the 600 MHz auction? Ask /r/tmobile community. The binocular and circled "12" markers on the map do not represent actual coverage.

2014, 2015, and 2016 events

February 2017
  • T-Mobile acquired three 700 MHz licenses covering Montana. All licenses that were up for sale in 2014-2016 have been acquired. The next opportunity to acquire a few more licenses opens up in May when the 600 MHz auction quiet period ends.
  • 700 MHz network now covers 252 million people.
April 2017
  • With the conclusion of the 600 MHz auction relocation schedule of the remaining stations is now known. Click on the stations in the green circles for more information.
  • T-Mobile officially announced Extended Range LTE in Chicago and surrounding cities.
  • Deployment of 700 MHz network is essentially complete. The network covers 269 million people according to T-Mobile.
July 2017
  • On 7/14 T-Mobile filed an application to acquire the license covering Colorado Valley, TX. The deal was closed on 9/20. According to the agreement T-Mobile will temporary lease the spectrum back to Colorado Valley Communications. Click the area for the details.
  • T-Mobile reached an agreement with WBIF (Marianna, FL) to deploy 700 MHz network in the station's service area. The agreement was approved by the FCC on 8/1.
October 2017
  • Infrastructure Networks agreed to sell T-Mobile a 700A license partition covering Chaves county, NM. The agreement is subject to FCC approval.
November 2017
  • Silver Star Telephone Company decided to sell 700B license covering a third of Wyoming and 700A license covering Yellowstone Park to T-Mobile. The deal is subject to FCC approval.

After the 600 MHz auction all channel 51 stations will free up the spectrum within 39 months. Note that the green service contours are not the exact boundaries of the exclusion zones. For details see this page

Do you want to know who are the license holders of other areas? Check Spectrum Omega map out (click on the first "700 MHz A block" line in the sidebar).

Besides the areas on the map above the majority of the A block spectrum is not available for sale. Spectrum Gateway estimates licenses covering 10 million more people could be sold to T-Mobile in 2017-2018.