2014 events

August 2014
  • On 8/1 T-Mobile submitted an application to acquire two 700 MHz A Block licenses from I-700 A BLOCK, LLC covering Evansville and Paducah areas (IN-KY-IL)
  • On 8/8 T-Mobile submitted an application to acquire 13 licenses from Actel (CenturyLink)
  • 8/17: San Antonio and Houston areas are now broken into counties and displayed properly
September 2014
  • On 9/4 KPXE-TV (Kansas City, MO) submitted an application to relocate to channel 30 and WPXA-TV (Rome, GA) submitted an application to relocate to channel 31.
  • On 9/18 WKEF (Dayton, OH) submitted an application to relocate to channel 18.
  • On 9/19 T-Mobile submitted applications to acquire 3 licenses covering Rochester, NY-PA, Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN and Grand Forks, ND-MN areas.
  • On 9/24 T-Mobile submitted applications to acquire El Paso, TX-NM license and a partitioned Pittsburgh, PA-WV license covering only Pennsylvania counties.
  • On 9/25 T-Mobile agreed to buy four licenses from Triad 700, LLC covering Alaska, Reno, NV-CA, Salisbury, MD-DE-VA and Erie, PA economic areas.
  • On 9/5 KBTV (Sacramento, CA) relocated from channel 51 to channel 27. Confirmation.
October 2014
  • On 10/9 Grain Spectrum IV (the owners of former Cincinnati Bell Wireless spectrum) filed an application to transfer the Lower 700MHz A block license for the Dayton, OH area to T-Mobile.
  • On 10/17 KCEC (Denver, CO) submitted an application to relocate from channel 51 to channel 26.
November 2014
  • On 11/5 the FCC transferred the licenses from Actel and I-700 A Block, LLC to T-Mobile.
  • On 11/8 KVDO-CD (Austin, TX) submitted an application to relocate from channel 51 to channel 31.
  • 11/14: T-Mobile is acquiring 700MHz spectrum from BEK Communications in North Dakota (update: the submitted attachments and the published application form are conflicting. The licensed area may cover four more counties than shown on the map).
  • 11/19: T-Mobile agreed to purchase two licenses from Big Wave Ventures, LLC covering Lubbock, TX and Wheeling, WV-OH areas.
  • On 11/25 T-Mobile submitted an application to acquire two licenses from Vulcan Wireless, LLC covering Seattle and Portland areas.
December 2014
  • On 12/8 KCEB (Longview, TX) applied to relocate from channel 51 to channel 26.
  • KFXL-TV (Lincoln, NE) completed the relocation from channel 51 to channel 15 although T-Mobile won't be able to get 700A spectrum where the station broadcasted because the spectrum is used by US Cellular (see the second map below).
  • 700 MHz (band 12) LTE network officially launched in Cleveland, Colorado Springs, Minneapolis and Washington, DC. The cities are marked with purple towers on the map. In addition to that verified user-reported sightings are marked with the same symbol.