2015 Q2 events

April 2015
May 2015
  • KCEB (Longview, TX) has completed the relocation and received channel 26 license.
  • A new and I hope the final channel 51 TV station and exclusion zone added to the map: WHSU-CA (Syracuse, NY). Read this post for details.
  • T-Mobile notified the FCC the acquisition of El Paso 700A license is complete.
  • WLAJ (Lansing, MI) completed the relocation and is now broadcasting on channel 25.
  • John Legere revealed that T-Mobile signed a concurrent operations agreement with WNJN (Montclair, NJ) that covers NYC.
June 2015
  • T-Mobile submitted an application to sell 700A block license covering Alaska to Alaska Wireless Network. Since the first map below shows the prospects of building T-Mobile's network, the license was moved to the second map. In addition West Virginia counties of Pittsburg economic area (BEA53) have also been added to the second map.
  • The acquisition of two South Dakota licenses is complete