2016 events

January 2016
  • T-Mobile announced that 700 MHz network has been deployed to cover 185 million people as of the end of 2015.
  • T-Mobile submitted an application to acquire Amarillo, TX license from Infrastructure Networks.
  • KPPX-TV (Phoenix, AZ) filed to relocate to channel 31. The application is subject to FCC and Mexican regulators approval.
February 2016
  • T-Mobile filed an application to exchange their AWS spectrum in three Texas counties with West Central Wireless 700 MHz A block Abilene, TX license. The transaction is subject to FCC approval. To expedite utilization of spectrum the parties also applied to lease the spectrum to each other short term.
  • T-Mobile announced acquisition of 700 MHz A block licenses covering additional 48 million people. Together with the existing licenses low band licenses cover 258 million people. The new areas have not been disclosed yet. Stay tuned for updates.
  • T-Mobile filed to acquire 7 full and 3 partitioned 700A block licenses from C Spire in Alabama and surrounding areas. The licenses cover approximately 8.5 million people. To expedite deployment of the network T-Mobile at the same time applied to lease the spectrum till the closing of the transaction which will happen after the end of the 600 MHz auction due to the "quiet" period. 
  • T-Mobile submitted two more applications that reveal 32 additional licenses covering 40 millions people (see the map below)Spectrum Gateway expects the network to be deployed in Q3 2016 - Q1 2017.
  • T-Mobile filed an application to exchange certain AWS, PCS and 700 MHz A block licenses with US Cellular. New 700 MHz spectrum covers two WA and five KS counties. See the miscellaneous layer on the map for details.
  • WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh, PA) gave T-Mobile permission to use 700 MHz A block within their service area. The agreement is subject to FCC approval.
  • WSST-TV (Cordele, GA) filed an application to relocate to channel 22. The application requires FCC approval.
March 2016
  • The FCC approved the concurrent operations agreement between T-Mobile and WTAE-TV (Pittsburgh, PA). T-Mobile is now free to launch band 12.
April 2016
  • T-Mobile and WHSU-CD (Syracuse, NY) signed a concurrent operations agreement. After it is approved by the FCC T-Mobile will be able to use 700 MHz A block in WHSU-CD service area. The agreement will be reviewed by the FCC after the sale of Syracuse, NY-PA 700A license is approved.
  • 700 MHz A block lease of a small area around Rockford, IL to AT&T has expired and has been removed from the map.
  • T-Mobile announced that deployed 700 Mhz network covers 194 million people as of Q1 2016.

May 2016
  • T-Mobile withdrew three applications to lease 42 licenses from C Spire, Cavalier and Continuum 700 for a period between March 2016 and the closing of the sale of these licenses. The color of the affected areas changed from pink (area available for deployment today) to orange (pending sale). The sale of all 42 licenses was soon approved by the FCC on June 8th.
  • T-Mobile reached an agreement to buy 700 MHz A block license covering Chicago area. Read more.
June 2016
  • The FCC approved relocation of KPPX-TV (Phoenix, AZ) and WSST-TV (Cordele, GA)
August 2016
  • T-Mobile closed the deals with C Spire, Cavalier, Continuum 700 and US Cellular.
    • Band 12 deployed coverage is now 200 million people
    • Licensed areas available for network deployment cover 248.5 million people
    • Population in the remaining red channel 51 exclusion zones covering T-Mobile's licenses: 2 million
    • T-Mobile entered into agreements to acquire additional licenses and clear exclusion zones covering 18.5 million people
    • Licenses owned and licenses on track to be acquired cover 269 million people
  • T-Mobile got permission to use A block spectrum in WAGV (Harlan, KY) and WMYO (Salem, IN) service areas and submitted the agreements for FCC approval.
  • On August 5th WFXG (Augusta, GA) notified the FCC that it successfully completed relocation to channel 31 a week prior.
September 2016
  • The FCC approved concurrent operations agreements T-Mobile made with WAGV (Harlan, KY) and WMYO (Salem, IN) TV stations.
  • Neville Ray disclosed a deal to buy 700A spectrum from Charter. Based on the details provided central and eastern Montana licenses have been added to the map. Update: T-Mobile is also acquiring B block covering six counties in Western Montana. Disable A block layer in the map sidebar to see the B block license.
  • Deployed band 12 network now covers 215 million people.
  • The FCC approved the purchase of Chicago A block license and as well as the concurrent operations agreement with WPWR-TV.
December 2016
  • The FCC approved T-Mobile's request for extension of time to buildout three Montana licenses T-Mobile intents to buy from Charter Communications. T-Mobile agreed to cover 35% of Central and Eastern Montana excluding federal lands by January 2018 and additional 35% by January 2019.
  • 700 MHz network now covers 250 million people.