2016 Q2 events

April 2016
  • T-Mobile and WHSU-CD (Syracuse, NY) signed a concurrent operations agreement. After it is approved by the FCC T-Mobile will be able to use 700 MHz A block in WHSU-CD service area. The agreement will be reviewed by the FCC after the sale of Syracuse, NY-PA 700A license is approved.
  • 700 MHz A block lease of a small area around Rockford, IL to AT&T has expired and has been removed from the map.
  • T-Mobile announced that deployed 700 Mhz network covers 194 million people as of Q1 2016.

May 2016
  • T-Mobile withdrew three applications to lease 42 licenses from C Spire, Cavalier and Continuum 700 for a period between March 2016 and the closing of the sale of these licenses. The color of the affected areas changed from pink (area available for deployment today) to orange (pending sale). The sale of all 42 licenses was soon approved by the FCC on June 8th.
  • T-Mobile reached an agreement to buy 700 MHz A block license covering Chicago area. Read more.
June 2016
  • The FCC approved relocation of KPPX-TV (Phoenix, AZ) and WSST-TV (Cordele, GA)