2016 Q3 events

August 2016
  • T-Mobile closed the deals with C Spire, Cavalier, Continuum 700 and US Cellular.
    • Band 12 deployed coverage is now 200 million people
    • Licensed areas available for network deployment cover 248.5 million people
    • Population in the remaining red channel 51 exclusion zones covering T-Mobile's licenses: 2 million
    • T-Mobile entered into agreements to acquire additional licenses and clear exclusion zones covering 18.5 million people
    • Licenses owned and licenses on track to be acquired cover 269 million people
  • T-Mobile got permission to use A block spectrum in WAGV (Harlan, KY) and WMYO (Salem, IN) service areas and submitted the agreements for FCC approval.
  • On August 5th WFXG (Augusta, GA) notified the FCC that it successfully completed relocation to channel 31 a week prior.
September 2016
  • The FCC approved concurrent operations agreements T-Mobile made with WAGV (Harlan, KY) and WMYO (Salem, IN) TV stations.
  • Neville Ray disclosed a deal to buy 700A spectrum from Charter. Based on the details provided central and eastern Montana licenses have been added to the map. Update: T-Mobile is also acquiring B block covering six counties in Western Montana. Disable A block layer in the map sidebar to see the B block license.
  • Deployed band 12 network now covers 215 million people.
  • The FCC approved the purchase of Chicago A block license and as well as the concurrent operations agreement with WPWR-TV.
December 2016
  • The FCC approved T-Mobile's request for extension of time to buildout three Montana licenses T-Mobile intents to buy from Charter Communications. T-Mobile agreed to cover 35% of Central and Eastern Montana excluding federal lands by January 2018 and additional 35% by January 2019.
  • 700 MHz network now covers 250 million people.