2017 events

February 2017
  • T-Mobile acquired three 700 MHz licenses covering Montana. All licenses that were up for sale in 2014-2016 have been acquired. The next opportunity to acquire a few more licenses opens up in May when the 600 MHz auction quiet period ends.
  • 700 MHz network now covers 252 million people.
April 2017
  • With the conclusion of the 600 MHz auction relocation schedule of the remaining stations is now known. Click on the stations in the green circles for more information.
  • T-Mobile officially announced Extended Range LTE in Chicago and surrounding cities.
  • Deployment of 700 MHz network is essentially complete. The network covers 269 million people according to T-Mobile.
July 2017
  • On 7/14 T-Mobile filed an application to acquire the license covering Colorado Valley, TX. The deal was closed on 9/20. According to the agreement T-Mobile will temporary lease the spectrum back to Colorado Valley Communications. Click the area for the details.
  • T-Mobile reached an agreement with WBIF (Marianna, FL) to deploy 700 MHz network in the station's service area. The agreement was approved by the FCC on 8/1.
October 2017
  • Infrastructure Networks agreed to sell T-Mobile a 700A license partition covering Chaves county, NM. The deal was closed in the last days of December.
November 2017
  • Silver Star Telephone Company decided to sell 700B license covering a third of Wyoming and 700A license covering Yellowstone Park to T-Mobile. The transaction was approved by the FCC in December. 700B license was transferred to T-Mobile in February 2018.