Maps of T-Mobile's spectrum holdings

The maps below provide the information how much spectrum is licensed to T-Mobile in all US counties. Click on the counties to see how much bandwidth is available for T-Mobile in AWS, PCS and 700 MHz spectrum bands. If the licensed spectrum is not continuous the blocks are separated with a vertical line:
  • AWS: 10|10 MHz
The colors on the map represent how much continuous spectrum is available for LTE downlink in AWS-1 or PCS band without carrier aggregation:
  • Black: < 5 MHz
  • Yellow: 5 MHz
  • Green: 10 MHz
  • Red: 15 MHz (peak download speed of about 112 Mbps)
  • Magenta: 20 MHz (peak download speed of about 150 Mbps)
Together red and magenta colors show where T-Mobile can deploy Wideband LTE

License information last updated on 8/6/2017

Map of T-Mobile's spectrum holdings

More maps presenting different views of T-Mobile's spectrum holdings:


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