The maps published on this page provide alternative views of T-Mobile's spectrum holdings. The map are updated at the same time as the main map (the thumbnail preview images are not updated often though). See the main page for the update date.

Map of AWS-3 spectrum holdings

The map below shows aggregate AWS-3 spectrum holdings. Your device must support LTE band 66 to access AWS-3 spectrum. Sales of band 66 devices are expected to start in Q4 2016.
  • yellow: 5x5 MHz
  • green: 10x10 MHz (aggregate)
  • red: 15x15 MHz (aggregate)
AWS-3 spectrum map

Map of contiguous PCS blocks

The map below shows the size of the largest contiguous PCS block in each county.

  • transparent: 0 MHz
  • black: < 5x5 MHz
  • yellow: ≥ 5x5 < 10x10 MHz
  • green: ≥ 10x10 < 15x15 MHz
  • red: ≥ 15x15 < 20x20 MHz
  • magenta: ≥ 20x20 < 25x25 MHz
  • saturated magenta: 25x25 MHz
PCS spectrum map

Fragmentation maps

Two maps below show where T-Mobile's spectrum holdings are fragmented within a band. Fragmented spectrum provides as much network capacity as contiguous spectrum but users will experience higher download speed on one contiguous LTE carrier. Intra-band carrier aggregation can provide download speed as good as with a single block but it is not always engaged. T-Mobile can exchange fragmented blocks with other carriers to make their spectrum holdings contiguous.
  • yellow: two blocks
  • blue: three blocks

AWS fragmentation
PCS fragmentation

Map of odd blocks

The following map shows counties where one of the blocks is not multiple of 5x5 MHz. 

Odd spectrum blocks

Merged iWireless and T-Mobile's spectrum holdings

On September 26, 2017 T-Mobile announced that it will acquire the remaining interest in Iowa Wireless from Aureon. Below you will find a map of merged Iowa Wireless Services Holdings Corporation and T-Mobile's spectrum holdings. The color intensity on the map corresponds to the total spectrum holdings in each county

iWireless' spectrum holdings